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Employee Spotlight

Tullahoma Police Badge ImageAt the Tullahoma Police Department we believe our people are our greatest asset. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we are excited to spotlight our employees and their accomplishments.

Detective Saves Child Choking on Hot Dog

Detective David Stone
Detective Dale Stone

On Monday afternoon, March 14th 2011, Tullahoma Police were notified of a child that had choked and was not breathing at the Cedar Lane Apts. Coffee county EMS was dispatched to the scene. Several officers of the Tullahoma Police department made their way to the apartments to aid the unconscious child.

Detective Dale Stone was the first officer to arrive on the scene to find the three year old boy limp and lifeless. Detective Stone performed an immediate assessment and determined there was no pulse and no respirations.

Stone immediately began CPR techniques and determined there was an airway obstruction. After several attempts to clear the obstruction, a piece of hotdog was dislodged. Stone continued to perform CPR and the child began to cough, cry, and respond to his efforts. After a few breaths the child began to choke again and lost consciousness.

As other officers and EMS arrived, Stone carried the child to the arriving ambulance personnel. The EMS personnel using advanced techniques were able to clear the remaining obstruction and revive the young boy. The youngster was transported to Harton Hospital Emergency Room where he was examined and later released to return home.

Police department personnel, citizen bystanders, and EMS personnel were interviewed and all indicated that without the actions of Detective Stone, the outcome of the incident would most likely have been fatal.

Detective Stone and all members of the Police department are to be commended for their continued service to this community. The role of the police officer is to serve the community – what that service may involve is never routine and can truly be a matter of life and death.