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April 25, 2018

Winston Brooks, Public Information Officer, 931.455.2648


Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee Visits Tullahoma for a Meet and Greet
Wednesday, May 2 at 2:00pm, City Hall

In the third in a series of gubernatorial candidate visits to Tullahoma, Mayor Lane Curlee has announced that candidate Bill Lee will be in Tullahoma for a Meet and Greet Wednesday, May 2nd between 2:00 and 3:30 upstairs at City Hall.

“Regardless of your party affiliation, I hope you can stop by, meet Mr. Lee and ask a question or two.  This is not a taxpayer funded or city-hosted event, nor am I endorsing or advocating for this candidate or any other candidate.  I just feel it is important we not only familiarize ourselves with the candidates, but also help the candidates learn about our needs as a community,” said Curlee.

According to Curlee, all gubernatorial candidates have been invited to visit and learn more about Tullahoma.

Mr. Lee will speak at 2:00 for approximately 30 minutes, sharing his vision for Tennessee, and why he wants to be governor.  He will then take questions from the audience.  Between 3:00 and 3:30, several community and city government leaders will present short reports about their areas to give Mr. Lee some additional insight into Tullahoma.  All are invited to sit in during this presentation, as well as Mr. Lee’s talk.

“I hope you are able to join us Wednesday, May 2nd as we welcome candidate Bill Lee to Tullahoma,” said Curlee.