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Mayor’s Youth Council


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Mayor Youth Council LogoThe Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC) is a group of volunteer students from the Tullahoma High School (THS) that performs community service activities throughout the school year. Membership varies from year to year and is open to all THS students. MYC students participate in efforts to reduce litter, provide safe and fun events for THS students, promote programs on crime and drug awareness, and serving those less fortunate.

The MYC is totally self-directed by the students including a student Mayor, student Vice Mayor, Aldermen, Treasurer and Secretary. Meetings are usually held in the City Board Room. Meeting times vary, depending on student scheduling.

2016-2017 Mayor’s Youth Council

Micahel Celiberti, Mayor

Alex Cornelius, Vice Mayor

Jason Guo, Treasurer

Viktoria Akhmedova, Secretary