News Releases 2018

//News Releases 2018

October 19, 2018


Director of Public Works, Butch Taylor, 454-1768




Leaf Pick Up Starts October 29

City Recommends Green Bag Program for Fastest Leaf Pick Up

 The City of Tullahoma Public Works Department will begin on Monday, October 29 to run the city’s leaf routes. A schedule is located at Due to weather conditions, the timing is not exact, but residents can monitor the progress as the list is updated daily.

Public Works recommends the green bag program (or bio degradable bags) for fastest leaf collection.  Leaves bagged in biodegradable green bags and placed at the curb will be picked up in about 72 hours once a pick-up request has been made to Public Works. These bags can be purchased at City Hall or Public Works for $4.20 for 20 bags. Call Public Works at 454-1768 to request bags to be picked up. These bags are then composted and mulched. Learn more about leaf pick up

Loose Leaf Collection

Another option is to rake your leaves to your curb. In order to efficiently cover the entire city, the Department works two to three sections of the city at a time. Public Works plans to cover each neighborhood of the city at least three times during the collection program.

“Please watch for our crews and slow down and be cautious,” said Public Works Director, Butch Taylor. “We will get the leaves picked up, and we ask that you be sure that your piles are free from large debris that could break the equipment. When the equipment breaks, it is costly and slows the process for all residents,” he continued.

Public Works also reminds residents to not block drains with leaves because this cause flooding in heavy rains.

The city dumps leaves at the mulching operation to be composted and mulched. Last season the City of Tullahoma collected over 1,500 tons of leaves that were processed for mulch and redistributed as a recycled product.

Residents taking advantage of this service are requested to attempt to keep leaves for collection free of debris, as leaf collection equipment can be damaged when foreign items are mixed with the leaves, and damaged equipment slows the collection process.

Leaves should be raked as close to the street or existing ditches as possible, but not into the street or ditch.  If there is a ditch, leaves should be left on the property owner’s side of the ditch.  Crews will gather all leaves raked for collection in this manner. Check your route at the City’s web site or contact the Public Works Department at 454-1768. Public Works ask that residents be patient during peak times.

Helpful tips:

  • Please rake your leaves curbside as soon as possible;
  • Please do not place your leaves more than five feet from the curb or shoulder (unless there is a ditch);
  • Please do not block storm drain inlets. It may cause flooding.
  • Please do not mix tree limbs or stumps, metal, lumber or any other debris with your leaves. This may injure our employees or damage the equipment.


October 11, 2018

Public Information Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648

Traffic Signal at Publix and 41-A Lights Up October 15

The new traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 41-A, Publix and William Northern Boulevard will go into service at 9 a.m. Monday, October 15.

“Motorists are urged to be cautious at the intersection of 41-A and William Northern Boulevard in front of the new Publix where a new traffic signal is being turned on Monday, October 15,” said Police Chief Paul Blackwell.

The light is designed to alleviate traffic congestion at this intersection as the new Publix opens. The scheduled Publix opening date is October 31, according to Store Manager, Tim Hastings.

This is a temporary light, and a permanent light with cross walk and striping will be installed later in 2018.



October 2, 2018

Fire Chief, Richard Shasteen 455.0936


As Fire Prevention Week approaches, the Tullahoma Fire Department encourages residents to “Look. Listen. Learn.” What does that mean?

Today’s home fires burn faster than ever. In a typical home fire, you may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Knowing how to use that time wisely takes planning and practice.

The Tullahoma Fire Department is teaming up with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ­‑‑ the official sponsor of Fire Prevention Week™ for more than 90 years ‑‑ to promote this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere™,” which works to educate the public about basic but essential ways to quickly and safely escape a home fire.

NFPA statistics show that the number of U.S. home fires has been steadily declining over the past few decades. However, the death rate per 1000 home fires that are reported to fire departments was 10 percent higher in 2016 than in 1980.

“These numbers show that while we’ve made significant progress in teaching people how to prevent fires from happening, there’s still much more work to do in terms of educating the public about how to protect themselves in the event of one,” said Lorraine Carli, NFPA’s vice president of Outreach and Advocacy. “This is particularly critical given the increased speed at which today’s home fires grow and spread.”

Carli also notes that although people feel safest in their home, it is also the place people are at greatest risk to fire, with four out of five U.S. fire deaths occurring at home. That over-confidence contributes to a complacency toward home escape planning and practice.

“Working in the fire service for many years, we know that people often make choices in fire situations that jeopardize their safety or even cost them their lives,” said Tullahoma Fire Chief, Richard Shasteen. “We are constantly sharing the message of the importance of pre-planning your escape in case there is a fire.”

This year’s “Look. Listen. Learn.” campaign highlights three steps people can take to help quickly and safely escape a fire:

  • Look for places fire could start.
  • Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm.
  • Learn 2 ways out of every room.

While NFPA and the Tullahoma Fire Department are focusing on home fires, these fire safety messages apply to virtually anywhere.

“Situational awareness is a skill people need to use wherever they go,” said Chief Shasteen. “No matter where you are, look for available exits. If the alarm system sounds, take it seriously and exit the building immediately.”


For more information about Fire Prevention Week and home escape planning, visit


September 21, 2018


Public Information Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648


Tullahoma Reaches Out to Hurricane-Impacted Community

Everyone has read and seen news stories about the devastation caused by Hurricane Florence on the Carolina coasts.  Thanks to the initiative of a Tullahoma citizen, help from Tullahoma is on the way to a particularly hard-hit small North Carolina community.

Thursday afternoon, Marie Guilliams,  a Tullahoma citizen stopped by the Cedar Lane Church of Christ and suggested to Minister Steven Hovater that the churches of Tullahoma should do something to help Swansboro, North Carolina, a suburb of Jacksonville, North Carolina with a population of about 2,600 people.  She had seen a national report that Swansboro has 13 firefighters.  Eleven of the firefighters’ homes had been damaged, but they continued doing everything they could to assist other residents .Swansboro experienced 34 inches of rain from Tuesday through Sunday, and much of the town is flooded.  According to Mayor Davis, the town broke the state record for the most rain. He said in the historic district, tin roofs peeled off like the tops of cans.

Hovater picked up the phone and called Mayor Curlee, who reached out to Mayor John Davis of Swansboro.

“When I called Mayor Davis he answered his cell phone on the first ring and sounded very tired and overwhelmed,” said Mayor Lane Curlee.  “When I told him the people of Tullahoma wanted to ‘adopt’ Swansboro, he was very appreciative.  He said he had received only one other call offering help and was working on a list of items his citizens would need once the electricity comes back on, which he hopes will be by next week.  Within the hour he texted me his list of needs,” said Curlee.



Only these items will be accepted: 

·         Gas gift cards ·         diapers of all sizes
·         Visa gift cards ·         wipes
·         Grocery gift cards for items like milk, eggs and cheese ·         baby formula
·         fast food/casual dining gift cards ·         baby food
·         fruit cups ·         feminine hygiene products
·         applesauce cups ·         canned fruit
·         juice boxes ·         Gator-Aid
·         kid-friendly foods like individual bags of chips, granola bars, fruit snacks ·         socks and underwear
·         batteries ·         cleaning supplies


Items on the list include:  Gas gift cards, Visa gift cards, Grocery gift cards for items like milk, eggs and cheese, fast food/casual dining gift cards, diapers of all sizes, wipes, baby formula, baby food, feminine hygiene products, fruit cups, applesauce cups, canned fruit, juice boxes, Gator-Aid, kid-friendly foods like individual bags of chips, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. (things you would pack in a lunch box), socks and underwear (all sizes), batteries, cleaning supplies.

“Everyone is asked to bring the items either to Tullahoma Fire Station #1 on South Jackson Street, Fire Station #2 on Ovoca, D.W. Wilson Community Center or C.D. Stamps Community Center by next Monday, October 1.  I’m hoping someone will volunteer a van or large vehicle, gas money, and driver to transport the items to Swansboro,” said Curlee.

“I know for a fact the people of Tullahoma are very generous and willing to help others in need.  My hope is that we can fill up the room.  This goes to show the power of one person taking the initiative and doing something.  I appreciate Ms. Guilliams’ suggestion we help this small community.  Let’s fill up a truck or two and show the Swansboro residents that someone cares,” said Curlee.

Cedar Lane Church of Christ Minister Steven Hovater has agreed to serve as the point person.  He can be reached at 455-4665.







August  30, 2018

Police Chief, Paul Blackwell, 931.455.0530
Public Information Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648


Tullahoma Police Arrest Juvenile in Social Media Related Incident

At approximately 12:45, Thursday, August 30th, Investigators and officers of the Tullahoma Police Department took a seventeen (17) year old male into custody after investigating threatening social media posts.  The department, in conjunction with the Tullahoma City Schools began investigating social media posts which were being passed by students and parents.  Although the initial post did not make any reference to the school or any student, the Department began efforts to identify those involved and ensure the safety of the students, school and the community.

The Department would like to thank the Tullahoma City Schools for their assistance and providing valuable information leading to this resolution.  The Department also wants to thank the many students and parents that provided information.  At this time the juvenile has been charged with possession of a firearm with an altered serial number and will be appearing in the juvenile court of Coffee County.  As a result of the investigation, the Department does not believe there are any other people involved, and the charging of the juvenile has brought this to a safe resolution.  The Department is thankful for all the assistance provided in this matter.




August 21, 2018

Program Director, Lyle Russell, 455-1121
Community Coordinator, Winston Brooks, 455-2648


Mayor challenges citizens to “Walk the Appalachian Trail”

Mayor Lane Curlee is encouraging Tullahoma area citizens to join him in the “Walk the Appalachian Trail (AT),” fitness program and not even leave Tullahoma. For six weeks, teams will compete and combine exercise miles to cover the 2,158 miles of the AT from Georgia to Maine. The AT is the longest continuous trail in the Northern Hemisphere. “We’re encouraging businesses, churches, families and friends to get a team together and join this Get Fit! Tullahoma and Parks and Rec initiative,” said Mayor Lane Curlee. Along the way, participants will learn about the history, milestones and team standings of the trail via the weekly email newsletter. Additionally, the program includes prizes, group walks and a celebration party at the end of the “trail.” The program is made possible by the sponsorship of these generous businesses: Barrett Construction, Chick-fil-a, Coffee County Bank, Damron Properties, Factory Furniture, First Choice Health Tullahoma, First Choice Realtors, Fran and Dan Marcum, Greg and Abbie Byrom, Healthier Tennessee, Jimmy Johns, JSP, Michelob Ultra, Lester Greene, McCord and Thoma, London’s Sports Bar, Planet Fitness, Sherrill Pest Control, Smart Bank, Tennova Healthcare-Harton, Touch Down Wings, Traders, Lighttube, Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer, Tullahoma Lanes, Weichert Realtors  Joe Orr and Associates, and Woodard’s Diamond Showroom.

Walk the AT will last six weeks. Each team will have six members with a team captain and a creative team name. A tracking form will be provided to each participant and a reporting form to each team captain. Each Tuesday, the captain will collect the number of miles walked from each team member and email the number of miles walked to The miles turned in will be on the honor system. There will be prizes for all participants and prizes for the team that Walks the Appalachian Trail the quickest, plus the team with the most miles walked, and other categories. A finale celebration is being planned at the DW Wilson Community Center Indoor Pool on Monday, October 22nd from 6-8pm. There will be door prizes, food and live music from American Pie while awards are announced.

New this year, participants will receive a free week to exercise at Planet Fitness. When participants sign up, they will receive an email with details of how to take advantage of the free week to Planet Fitness.

Each person decides when, where and how long they want to walk each week. And there is a chart that equates other activities to walking. So if you want to bike, do aerobics, swim, or play other sports, you can join the competition. Each Tuesday at 6 p.m. during the six-week program, walkers are encouraged to meet at Frazier-McEwen Park and walk the greenway. A different local community personality will lead the walk each Tuesday.

“Gov. Haslam has recognized Tullahoma as one of the two Healthier Tennessee communities in middle Tennessee. We are proud of that recognition and want to keep the momentum going by encouraging more people to be more active. This is a perfect opportunity for the not-so-active person to start entry-level fitness by walking,” said Curlee.

There are many benefits to walking, including getting fit, losing weight, meeting new people, developing a healthy habit, having fun, decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels and more. The program starts September 4th and ends October 15. This is a free program, so lace up your shoes and start walking on September 4th. For more information and to register, complete an individual registration or team captains can register their entire team at: It will automatically send Parks your individual registration and what team to place you on, or email the program director at





June 27, 2018

Public Information
Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648
Interim Police Chief, George Marsh, 931.455.0530


Update on Body Found in Tullahoma

Tullahoma Police Department (TPD) has been in contact with the State’s Medical Examiner regarding the body found near the greenway on June 20, 2018. The Medical Examiner has given a preliminary report indicating there was no sign of trauma to the body. The department is awaiting the toxicology report in the next few weeks before a final cause of death can be determined. Based on the Medical Examiners initial report and subsequent investigation by authorities, the department has not found any indication of criminal involvement. The Medical Examiner has positively identified the remains as that of Deborah White, 58, of Tullahoma. White was reported as missing by her family days before being discovered off the greenway in a grassy area.


June 7, 2018

Community Development Coordinator, Winston Brooks, 455.2648
Director of Parks and Recreation, Kurt Glick, 455.1121


Fireworks, Music, Refreshment and Family Fun at the
Tullahoma Independence Day Regional Celebration

Call for Vendors and Sponsors

The City of Tullahoma is celebrating America’s 242nd birthday this year with a free family festival. The City is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for vendors and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Gates open at Noon on Tuesday, July 3rd. Frazier-McEwen Park and Grider Stadium will be filled with free music, games, food trucks, kids zone, and of course, fireworks that evening.

Leading up to the fireworks show, the music features three bands: Chase Clanton and the Vintage Vibes; Vinyl Radio, seventies and eighties music; and Sixwire, aka Small Time Rock Stars. If you’ve been to a Nashville Predators game, you may have enjoyed this band. The band’s story is pure Nashville. They met while touring with Lee Greenwood and have gone on to successful careers with other artists and their own band, Sixwire.

The fireworks will be presented by a national pyrotechnics company that has presented shows around the world, including in Nashville, the Washington Mall and New York City. This will be the largest fireworks show in the area. And this year there will be more close up fireworks and larger 8-inch mortars added to the show. “Be sure to find a spot on the baseball field,” said Director of Parks and Recreation, Kurt Glick. “Visitors will be the best experience when they enjoy the show from inside Grider Stadium.”

Vendor space is available for businesses for $100, food vendors for $70 and arts/crafts for $35. This is a Regional Independence day event. Tullahoma wants to invite the region to experience a great day of fun and an evening of amazing fireworks. We are also inviting anyone who is interested to reserve a booth to showcase their business, food or art. The application deadline is June 25. For details, contact Winston Brooks at 931-247-1574 or complete the form at  and mail it to Tullahoma Fireworks, PO Box 807, Tullahoma, TN 37388.

If an organization would like to have a presence at the celebration and be a sponsor, please contact Mayor Lane Curlee at 581-0360 or   There are sponsorship levels ranging from $250 to $5,000.

“We are still accepting sponsors, so please consider this patriotic regional Independence Day celebration,” said Mayor Curlee.

“There are so many fun activities planned for this event that we are expecting to draw thousands of people from the surrounding communities. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen want to invite our neighboring communities to come to the park and celebrate our independence,” added Curlee.









April 25, 2018

Winston Brooks, Public Information Officer, 931.455.2648

New App Launches Pilot Program in Tullahoma – Delivers Information to a User’s Phone Based on Time & Location

Using the latest proximity technology, Near2 seeks to connect people to the places they are, in the moment they are there


Tullahoma, TN., May 20, 2018 – Imagine waking up on Saturday and wondering what’s going on in/around town. The Near2 app, launched today, enables Tullahoma residents and visitors to get the most up-to-date information – from local vendors and restaurants to exhibits, events and activities – with just one click. As a user moves from place to place through town, the Near2 app will deliver information to his/her phone based on where they are, so the experience is seamless and timely.

Download Near2 on Google Play:

Download Near2 on  iTunes app store

Near2 partners with local businesses and organizations to deliver up-to-date information directly to a user’s phone when he/she is in a designated location. Using the latest proximity technology, the app removes the need for a user to go looking for information they would traditionally have to search for – but only when they need it.

“A lot of tools and apps have popped up to help people discover what is happening around them; where we differ is that our platform allows venues to keep their content fresh – the information delivered to a user’s phone is not static,” said Leigh Fogle, founder of Near2. “Today, people walk from place to place looking at their phones. Near 2 is about connecting them to their surroundings – whether that’s a local coffee shop or museum; promoting and enabling engagement with those places and helping people discover something new, whether that’s a place or piece of information.”

There are nearly 25 local merchants taking place in the Tullahoma pilot, with more being added regularly.

“This opens up exciting new opportunities for us – with both existing and potential customers,” said Joseph Keller, London’s Sports Bar. “We believe a tool like this will allow us to connect and engage with them in new and creative ways, while enhancing their experience with our brand. It’s a win-win.”


“Near2 is another example of how Tullahoma is leading the way as a center of innovation and technology,” said Winston Brooks, Community Coordinator with the City of Tullahoma. “We are seeing a steady stream of people moving to our city to capitalize on what we have to offer – from the free downtown Wi-Fi network, Tullahoma LightTube, to a wonderful quality of life; this technology will enhance the experience of all residents and visitors – both old and new.”

Near2 will have a booth at the Taste of Tullahoma event on Tues., May 22nd and is available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

For more information, visit

About Near2

The Near2 app connects people to timely, relevant and purposeful information that aims to enhance their experience(s). Using the latest proximity technology, Near2 bridges the gap between a person’s mobile device and environment by delivering location and time-based information directly to the device’s screen.




April 18, 2018

Tree Board Chairman, Ralph Graham, 931.581.2417
City Forester, Ian Anderson, 931.455.1121


Tullahoma Tree Board Celebrates Arbor Day
Tullahoma is Tree City USA Twenty-one Years in a Row

The City of Tullahoma will observe Arbor Day on National Arbor Day, Friday, April 27, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at Vision Source, located at 600 Airpark Drive.  The public is invited to attend the ceremony.

The ceremony will celebrate:

  • National Arbor Day
  • Tullahoma being awarded Tree City USA recognition for the twenty-first consecutive year
  • Award of Tree Line USA to the Tullahoma Utilities Authority
  • Award Vision Source the Tree Board Award

Alderman Robin Dunn will proclaim the importance of trees on Arbor Day Proclamation. “Trees produce life-giving oxygen, reduce erosion of our topsoil, cut heating and cooling costs, clean the air and many more important functions,” said Alderman Dunn. “And I will encourage residents to plants trees for current and future residents.”

In addition, the Tree Board will recognize Vision Source for the landscaping of its new facility. “The Tree Board decided to present the Tree Board Award to Vision Source because of their incorporation of an attractive placement of trees and shrubs into the landscaping,” said Tree Board Chairman, Ralph Graham. “Vision Source planted over twice the City’s minimum requirement for trees.”

Steven Rogers, Forestry Technician Coffee & Warren County, Tennessee Division of Forestry, will present the City with its twenty-first consecutive Tree City USA Award.  To qualify for Tree City USA (administered by the Arbor Day Foundation), a City must have

  • A Tree Board
  • A tree care ordinance
  • A community forestry program with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita
  • An annual Arbor Day observance and proclamation

April 12, 2018

Community Coordinator, Winston Brooks 455.2648


Volunteers Needed for the City Cleanup Day

The City Clean Up day is Saturday, April 21 from 8:00 am until 10:00am. Volunteers are asked to report to Public Works for tools and assignments.

“Getting litter picked-up is critical to the vibrancy of our City,” said Director of Public Works, Butch Taylor. “We ask residents to not litter. With your help, we can go a long way in keeping Tullahoma clean and beautiful. It is simple to keep the garbage with you and throw it away and recycle it at home or a gas station.”

“We want Tullahomans to care enough to help us keep our roadways free of litter,” said Director of Community Development, Winston Brooks.

“Concerned citizens can take action by reporting litter when you witness littering from vehicles on the state’s roadways to 1-877-8-LITTER. If you get the license plate, they’ll hear from the state. The letter will include information about how to contain their litter and inform them that litterers can be fined up to $1,500. Residents can also report hot spots to Public Works at 454-1768.

“I am convinced 99.5% of Tullahoma citizens want to live in a clean and attractive community,” said Mayor Lane Curlee. “I know 100% of the people want to invest in Tullahoma want to invest in a clean and attractive community.”

To report an area needing to be cleaned, call Public Works prior to the event.

“Organize your church group, business, or even family and join me in making a difference by helping to clean up Tullahoma.   Although the official day is Saturday, April 21, if another day works better for you and your team, go for it,” said Mayor Curlee.

Please don’t make an excuse.  Public works will supply the bags and grabbers to pick up the trash.

If you want to be officially counted for service hours, Volunteers should call Public Works at 931-454-1768 to sign up and then meet between 8:00-9:00 a.m. at the Tullahoma Public Works Department, 942 Maplewood Avenue for supplies and assignments the day of the event. Breakfast will be served to volunteers.



March 28, 2018


Public Information Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648


Tullahoma Investigator Elected Vice President to State Task Force on Children’s Justice

Tullahoma Criminal Investigation Sergeant, Harry Conway has been elected Vice President to the Tennessee Joint Task Force on Children’s Justice and Child Sexual Abuse (JTF). Conway brings unique specialty experience and expertise to the JTF that will be invaluable in providing guidance, leadership and recommendations to the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TCCY). He is the only law enforcement representative to serve on this state wide Task Force that advises state legislators.

Conway has nearly 29 years of law enforcement experience. Conway has been with the Tullahoma Police Department (TPD) for 15 years. Prior to joining the TPD, he was a US Army Military Police Staff Sergeant veteran. Conway also managed a private detective service for 10 years.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the task force since first appointed in 2013,” said Conway. “It allows me to give law enforcement input on how we can improve our investigation and make life better for children who need our help.”

“His appointment speaks to the quality of people we have working for the Department,” said Chief Paul Blackwell. “He is an outstanding leader with a firm but fair attitude and a reputation for honesty, loyalty, and integrity.”

Conway is a qualified member of the JTF because he served as the Tullahoma representative for the Tullahoma Child Protective Investigative Team (TCPIT). Now supervising that role, this position is filled by Detective Rana Pawlowski, who represents the TPD in all Child Protective Investigations, including team protocols and mutual-aid investigations that involve 5 counties and 19 law enforcement agencies. Some of these agencies include the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (TDCS), and all supporting non-profit agencies that aid in the prevention of severe abuse.

“Chief Blackwell was innovative in dedicating a resource to manage TCPIT,” said Conway. Conway has been with the department for 15 years, and has led the TCPIT role for five years. “Typically, rural communities do not have this dedicated expertise.”



What is the Joint Task Force on Children’s Justice and Child Sexual Abuse

The JTF on Children’s Justice/Child Sexual Abuse fulfils state and federal mandates, specifically Tennessee Code Annotated 37-1-603 and the Children’s Justice Act, 42 U.S.C. 5101 et seq. This group’s role is to advise and assist the state departments, including the departments of Children’s Services, Education, Health, Mental Health/Development Disabilities, and Huma Services; child advocates; service providers; law enforcement; and the judiciary in carrying out their duties related to child protection and responding to child abuse and neglect.

The membership of the Task Force represents many professional disciplines and several levels of government. Therefore, the JTF as a whole has a unique lens through which it observes and seeks to influence the efficiency and effectiveness of Tennessee’s child protection system.


Every two years the JTF collaborates with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (TDCS) to create a plan that identifies areas of concern pertaining to child sexual abuse and other child welfare issues along with proposed action steps to address those concerns.


February 16, 2018


Public Information Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648


Arts Alive Tullahoma

Arts Festival Scheduled for May 26 and 27; accepting artists applications and volunteers and sponsors

The Tullahoma Art Center, South Jackson Civic Center and the Tullahoma Arts Council host Arts Alive Tullahoma Arts Festival from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, May 26 and from Noon to 5:00pm Sunday, May 27, 2018.

This juried craft fair features top craft artisans from throughout the region who will offer for sale their acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media, crafts, sculpture, printmaking, photography, jewelry, weavings, china painting, quilting, pottery, wood, glass and more.

“We are currently accepting artists applications,” said Community Coordinator, Winston Brooks. “The deadline is April 2. We are also looking for volunteers and sponsors. We have sponsorships from $1,000.00 levels to purchase awards in $50.00 increments.”

From 1968 to 2010 the Tullahoma Fine Arts & Crafts Festival featured hundreds of artists and craftsmen from around the state and the Southeast. It included live entertainment, children’s activities, artist demonstrations and food concessions. The festival took place on the last weekend in May at the South Jackson Civic Center. The artwork is was judged and prizes awarded. Now, the Tullahoma Art Center, South Jackson Civic and the Tullahoma Arts Council in collaboration with local organizations, businesses, and community volunteers are reviving the Tullahoma Arts Festival as Arts Alive Tullahoma. Based on the years of work of art advocate, Lucy Hollis, the festival will aim to follow the same format and once again position Tullahoma as a regional arts destination. Additionally, the event is seen as and economic development and tourism event that will generate an annual event that will grow each year. The festival will be at South Jackson and in the past drew approximately 8,000-10,000 visitors.

Our goal is to create a festival that artists and visitors will want to attend year after year. “In an age when mass production makes so many things widely available, Arts Alive Tullahoma celebrates the inspiration and skill of the individual maker,” said Diane Gawrys, Executive Director of the Tullahoma Art Center. “This is an opportunity to appreciate uniqueness.”

Arts Alive Tullahoma is set for Saturday and Sunday May 26 and 27, 2018 on the grounds of the South Jackson Civic Center, 404 South Jackson, Tullahoma, TN 37388.

Not only can you purchase a wide variety of handcrafted works of art, many of these artisans will demonstrate their crafts.

“We expect to draw thousands of attendees over two days. This influx of patrons will produce an economic surge for the surrounding merchants and restaurants, activate public space, and build community pride and connections” said Tisha Fritz, the Chairman of the Tullahoma Arts Council.

Admission to the fair is a $1 donation to the Tullahoma Arts Council.

For additional information, please contact Winston Brooks at or visit



January 19, 2018

Director of Public Works, Butch Taylor 454-1768

Public Works to Start Last Round of Leaf Pick-Up


The City of Tullahoma Public Works Department is nearing the completion of leaf pick-up. Starting Friday, January 19, Public Works will begin its final round of collection. Residents are asked to have the leaves curbside immediately. “All residential areas have been serviced at least three times during the leaf pick-up cycle,” said Director of Public Works, Butch Taylor. “Once we complete leaf season the leaf-boxes will be removed from the dump trucks, so they can be used for other projects.”

Leaves should be raked as close to the street or existing ditches as possible, but not into the street or ditch.  If there is a ditch, leaves should be left on the property owner’s side of the ditch. Crews will gather all leaves raked for collection in this manner. Check your schedule at the City’s web site or contact the Public Works Department at 454-1768. Residents are asked to keep in mind that the schedule is not precise but a guide to show how the work is progressing.

Taylor added that after this last cycle, the city will pick up leaves if they are bagged in biodegradable green bags and placed at the curb. One call to Public Works at 454-1768, and your bags will be picked up within 48 hours. These bags are then composted and mulched.

Helpful tips:

  • Please rake your leaves in piles not exceeding two feet in depth;
  • Please do not place your leaves more than five feet from the curb or shoulder;
  • Please do not block storm drain inlets;
  • Please do not mix tree limbs or stumps, metal, lumber or any other debris with your leaves. This may injure our employees or damage the equipment.


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