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February 20, 2019

Tina Shang, Executive Director of the Tullahoma Art Center, 931.455.1234
Winston Brooks, Community Development, 931.454.2648


Online application

General information

The Tullahoma Art Center, the Tullahoma Arts Council and South Jackson Civic Center combine forces to host this juried arts fair featuring top artisans from throughout the region who will sell their original acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media, crafts, sculpture, printmaking, photography, jewelry, weavings, china painting, quilting, pottery, wood, glass and more.

Additionally, the festival features cash prizes for “Best of Show” in drawing, painting, photography, digital design, craft, sculpture, pottery, wood, glass, jewelry and textiles. The “Best of Show” will be a $500 award, while each runner-up will receive $100. There is also prize money for K-12 artists and craftsmen.

The festival is currently seeking submissions for exhibit and sales booths using our online application form. Note that the deadline for submissions is April 2019.

“Artists have expressed increasing dismay in the commercialization of arts festivals,” said Executive Director of the Tullahoma Art Center, Tina Shang. “What was once a celebration of art has turned into flea markets full of mass-produced baubles. Arts Alive Tullahoma is a festival that honors the artist and celebrates their work through a juried festival with cash awards.”

“We expect to grow Arts Alive this year,” said Chairman of the Tullahoma Arts Council, Kelly Orr. “We have fun planned for kids and parents with artists from across the country, interactive art exhibits, children’s activities, live music and demonstrations.”

Since 1968, the Tullahoma Art Festival has featured hundreds of artists and craftsmen from around the region and draws in thousands of visitors each year.

For additional information, please contact Winston Brooks at or visit

January 31, 2019

Director of Public Works, Butch Taylor, 454.1768

Public Works to Start Last Round of Leaf Pick-Up 

The City of Tullahoma Public Works Department is nearing the completion of leaf pick-up. Public Works has started its final round of collection. Residents are asked to have the leaves curbside immediately. “All residential areas have been serviced at least three times during the leaf pick-up cycle,” said Director of Public Works, Butch Taylor. “Once we complete leaf season, the leaf-boxes will be removed from the dump trucks, so they can be used for other projects.”

Leaves should be raked as close to the street or existing ditches as possible, but not into the street or ditch.  If there is a ditch, leaves should be left on the property owner’s side of the ditch. Crews will gather all leaves raked for collection in this manner. Check your schedule at the City’s web site or contact the Public Works Department at 454-1768. Residents are asked to keep in mind that the schedule is not precise but a guide to show how the work is progressing.

Taylor added that after this last cycle, the city will pick up leaves if they are bagged in biodegradable green bags and placed at the curb. One call to Public Works at 454-1768, and your bags will be picked up within 72 hours. These bags are then composted and mulched.

Helpful tips:

  • Please rake your leaves in piles not exceeding two feet in depth;
  • Please do not place your leaves more than five feet from the curb or shoulder;
  • Please do not block storm drain inlets;
  • Please do not mix tree limbs or stumps, metal, lumber or any other debris with your leaves. This may injure our employees or damage the equipment.

January 15, 2019

Public Information Officer, Winston Brooks, 931.455.2648

Board of Mayor and Aldermen Recognize Employee of the Month

The City of Tullahoma is recognizing Dale Hall and Joe Johnson as the January 2019 Employee of the Month. They serve as Public Works’ Recycling Drivers. They were both nominated after a local resident shared the story with the city about how the two had given extraordinary service by assisting a resident in distress.

While working their regular recycle route, Johnson and Hall responded to a call for help. They acted quickly to check on the resident, who was in need of urgent medical care. These two comforted her and stayed with her until an ambulance arrived.

Each initially kept the story to themselves, not wanting any recognition. Those that work with Hall and Johnson know that they provide invaluable service to the department and the community. Hall is the quiet one and Johnson likes to talk.

“These gentlemen did the right thing,” said City Administrator Jennifer Moody. “Butch Taylor had recently reviewed the City’s Values and the Rules We Play By, and these employees are models of the values we try to live by.”

Each month, the City of Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Aldermen recognizes an outstanding city employee. Employees are selected based on nominations received from residents, visitors or other city employees. To nominate a City Employee, please send an email to with the employee’s name, department and a brief statement describing why either the employee’s actions or attitude have shown that he or she should be recognized as the employee of the month.

L to R: Jennifer Moody, Dale Hall, Joe Johnson and Butch Taylor.

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