Burn Permit

The Fire Department monitors atmospheric conditions and determines on a daily basis whether leaf burning in the city limits is permissible. If you see a form displayed on this page, burning is allowed for the day and you may fill out the form to obtain a burn permit. If you do not see a form displayed on this page, burning is not allowed for the day.

For complaints about illegal burning, call 931-455-0936, or if no answer call the officer in charge at 931-434-5097. Please remember, if no one answers the crew on duty is most likely on a call. Please leave a message.

Learn more about the Tullahoma Outdoor Fireplace Rules and Responsibilities (PDF).

Form Conditions

By filling out the form on this page you agree to the following conditions:

  • You may only burn natural, non-man made products
  • You may not burn more than 3 cubic yards at a time without prior inspection and approval from Fire Department personnel
    • For large piles please call 931-455-0936 to schedule an inspection
  • You must have a water source close by
  • You must stay with the fire while it is burning
  • Your fire must be completely extinguished by 4 pm
  • You may not begin burning until 9 am

Daily Burn Permit Form