Junk Collection

Junk Collection TruckThe Solid Waste Division also provides services for residential customers for pick up of one or two bulky items that are not appropriate for normal collection with the automated equipment. There is no charge for this service to residential households. A route is run monthly for this service and the week a resident is serviced is based on the day their household garbage is collected. The week will begin on Monday and run through Friday of each scheduled route.  Please have your items curbside on Monday of your scheduled week to ensure pickup.

For more information contact the Public Works Department by calling 931-454-1768.

Collection Schedule

Garbage Collection DayJunk Collection Period
Tuesday1st week of the month
Wednesday2nd week of the month
Thursday3rd week of the month
Friday4th week of the month

Small Amounts / Items

Remember! This service is for one or two items and is not provided for residents that are cleaning out a large amount. This service is for small items no larger than a chair. This service is not for house clean outs or large items. These are not acceptable and will not be picked up. If you are unsure if the items you have will be acceptable, please call Public Works at (931) 454-1768.

No building materials (carpet, cabinetry, lumber, decking, fencing, etc.) will be picked up or accepted at the Recycle Center.  Those items must be disposed of elsewhere.


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