City Administration

The City of Tullahoma, Tennessee employs a full-time city administrator. The city administrator is the city's chief administrator and is responsible for seeing that city government is run efficiently and economically. The city administrator serves and advises the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, appoints department heads, and prepares a proposed annual budget for Board consideration. The administrator also enforces municipal laws and ordinances, coordinates city operations, and oversees departmental programs. The administrator does not appoint the president of the Tullahoma Utilities Authority, director of the Tullahoma Airport Authority, or the superintendent of the Tullahoma City Schools. They are appointed instead by the boards they serve.

The City Administrator's Office provides staff support services to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and its committee meetings, and coordinates the development and analysis of policy recommendations presented to the Mayor and Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The City Administrator interacts on a daily basis with the management team of the City to implement the policies of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

The City Administrator's Office also works with a variety of community partners to assist in providing the best possible services and information to the citizens of Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Jason Quick is the latest in a line of city administrators who have served Tullahoma since 1981.