Property Tax

The City Recorder's Office is responsible for the collection of all city property taxes and personal property taxes (see tax rates). Taxes are due and payable without penalty from October 1st through February 28th. If payment is not received prior to March 1, penalty and interest will be added. When paying taxes in person, please bring your tax notice with you. If you mail your payment, please write the receipt number on your check and mail it to:
City of Tullahoma
P.O. Box 807
Tullahoma, TN 37388

If you have questions pertaining to property taxes, call 931-455-2648, Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Tax Relief

The City of Tullahoma participates in the State Property Tax Relief Program. This program provides property owners meeting certain qualifications relief on a portion of their property taxes if they meet the following eligibility requirements. A homeowner may be eligible for City of Tullahoma property tax relief on the property where they reside (which must be their principal residence) if he or she is:

  • An elderly homeowner who will be at least 65 years of age by December 31 of the tax year for which they are applying and the gross income from the previous year of all owner's of the property and from all sources does not exceed the state limit.
  • A disabled homeowner who is 100% totally and permanently disabled, and the gross income of all owners and sources for the previous year does not exceed the state limit
  • A disabled veteran homeowner who has acquired one hundred % (100%) permanent total disability, as determined by the United States Veteran' Administration, and such disability resulted from having served as a prisoner of war, or acquired service-connected permanent and total disability or disabilities, as determined by the United States Department of Veteran's Affair. A veteran with a service-connected disability which resulted in paraplegia or permanent paralysis of both legs and lower body resulting from traumatic injury or disease to the spinal cord or brain, or loss, or loss of use, of two or more limbs, or legal blindness. NOTE: There is no income or age requirement for a qualified veteran.
  • A widow or widower of a disabled veteran homeowner who was married to and living in the residence with the veteran who was receiving tax relief or was qualified to receive tax relief at the time of death. Spouses cannot qualify if they remarry. Note: There is no income or age requirement for a qualified widow(er).
  • A mobile home homeowner meeting any of the above-listed qualifications.

Tax Freeze

The City of Tullahoma has adopted the State Property Tax Freeze Program. This is a local option program allowing certain elderly homeowners to freeze the amount of property taxes they pay. It is the tax amount that is frozen - not the property value, assessments or tax rates. A qualifying tax payer must meet certain eligibility requirements before they can take advantage of this freeze. Among other things, eligibility of applicants is determined by:

  • Age: The applicant must be 65 years of age or older (by the end of the year in which the application is filed)
  • Ownership: The applicant must own their principal residence in the City of Tullahoma
  • Income: The applicant must be below the income requirements set annually by the state of Tennessee
  • The applicant must file an initial application and then re-qualify annually