Airport Authority

///Airport Authority

Airport Authority

2nd Tuesday @5:00 p.m. Meets at Airport Terminal Building

Appointed by Board of Mayor and Aldermen

The Tullahoma Airport Authority (TAA) operates the Tullahoma Regional Airport. The TAA meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m., local time, at the offices of the Regional Airport, William Northern Boulevard, Tullahoma, Tennessee.

The Airport Authority works closely with community partners such as the University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tennessee Skydiving, Beechcraft Heritage Museum, Ragwing Aircraft, Residential Airpark, and Vanderbilt Life Flight.

Airport Authority members are appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to serve 5 year terms.

Paul Sirks Chairman
Karla Smith Member
Michael Leigh Member
Mike Rutherford Member
Don Daniel Member
Steve Cope Member
Jennifer Benetti-Longhini Member
 Ray Knowis Board of Mayor & Aldermen Representative
Jon Glass Airport Director
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