Alderman Blackwell

//Alderman Blackwell

Rupa Blackwell, Alderman
Phone: 931.201.8285

Alderman Rupa Blackwell is a native Tullahoman who returned to Tullahoma with her family. Alderman Blackwell is the Mayor’s representative on the Board of Education, the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning and Appeals and the Tourism Council.

Alderman Blackwell has over fifteen years working in fundraising and large-scale event production for nonprofits. This has allowed her to help under-served communities across the country. She is active in the community and volunteers at elementary schools and at local nonprofits like the Tullahoma Art Center and the Tullahoma Day Care Center.

My goal for Tullahoma is to continue to develop our assets so that our school system flourishes and to build a healthy business ecosystem for retail and industry. I am passionate about building a great city because I want my children to come back here to raise their families one day.

Alderman Blackwell has served on the Board of PFLAG, Break the Cycle and was awarded the Citizen of the Year by the Tullahoma Area Chamber of Commerce.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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