Back to School

//Back to School

Schools Back in Session

Summer break is almost over and Tullahoma City Schools will be opening for fall semester on Wednesday, July 29. The Tullahoma Police Department will be out in force to help ensure that all students arrive and depart school as safely as possible. We need the help and cooperation of all drivers as they travel city streets in the mornings and afternoon.

Officers will be particularly watchful for traffic violations for speeders in school zones, children not buckled up or not in a proper child restraint system, illegal parking, letting children out on the roadway and reckless drivers. School crossing guards will be controlling crosswalks and heavy traffic areas to allow students safe passage. Traffic in and around school zones will be especially heavy the first few days of the new school year. Drivers should factor in extra time for this congestion to prevent having to rush.

All parents and drivers are reminded of the following:

All Tullahoma school zones are 15 MPH when children are present or the school zone lights are activated. Anyone cited for speeding in a school zone could be found guilty of reckless driving.
Children cannot be “dropped off” on streets, side streets or crosswalks.
Illegally parked vehicles outside the school zone present a hazard to walking or biking school children, congest traffic and irritate local property owners.
Children should not be dropped off or otherwise arrive at school before it opens and unlocks its doors. Check with your school for times.
While Tullahoma City Schools do not use a bus system, some school buses do operate in the city. It is illegal to pass any school bus from either direction that has stopped and extended its stop sign and activated flashing lights.
Don’t drive distracted. Hang up cell phones. Focus on the unexpected. Closely watch crossing guards for instruction.

With your help we can make this school year a safe one.

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