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//Chief Paul Blackwell Articles

Measures of Success 

The Tullahoma Police Department, as do other Law Enforcement Agencies, relies on numerous statistics to determine successes and areas needing attention.  Often the negative statistics are forefront in the media and the successes take a back seat.  The following indicate some of the successes the Department has obtained in the previous year.  Our statistical data is compiled on a calendar year basis so as too be compatible with the TBI annual reports.  Although the following are successes, the Department recognizes that we must constantly seek methods to maintain and improve our levels of effectiveness.

1.  The overall crime statistics for Tullahoma for year 2012 reflected an 11% reduction from calendar year 2011.  This reduction represents the sixth reduction in the last seven years.

2.  Traffic accidents are down again in 2012.  The department reported 479 accidents to the state in 2012 in comparison to 623 in 2011, a reduction of 23%.

3.  Officer and Supervisor accountability is up.

4.  Patrol time is on the decline.  The patrol time is that portion of the tour of duty in which the officer is patrolling their zone.  The department is seeing a decrease of approximately 30% in that patrol time – meaning officers are actively engaged more.

5.  The number of vehicle miles driven by patrol is also on the decline.  In 2012, the patrol officers logged 330,530 miles, compared to 2011 mileage of 349,175.  In 2009, a total of 352,452 patrol miles were logged.  The reduction in mileage equates to reduced patrol time, fuel savings, and wear and tear on the vehicles.

6.  The Public’s confidence in the department is a key element of the department’s success.  So I ask that the public let me know how we are doing.  I also encourage you to let an officer know how much you appreciate them.  We have quality personnel and we focus on mentoring them for future positions of responsibility and creating the culture of service for the department in the future.

If you have questions about these measures of success, or any other activity of the department, please contact me at or (931) 455-0530.

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