Existing Business Development

//Existing Business Development

Existing Business Development


The backbone of Tullahoma's economy is our existing, locally based businesses and industries – comprised of small to large enterprises and corporate investors. More than 80% of new jobs in Tennessee develop from the expansion of established industries rather than new industry recruitment.

Our community is committed to working closely with local businesses to help them prosper. We are constantly evaluating how government, the Chamber and other organizations respond to the needs of area businesses to ensure that we provide whatever resources are needed to encourage job growth and retention.

Expressing appreciation for established industries and acknowledging their contributions reinforce their commitment to the community.

Current Programs

Loan Programs

The City of Tullahoma offers various low interest rate loan programs and small grants to assist existing businesses in expansion and retention. Contact 931-455-2648 to learn about which programs might be available to your business.

Visitation Program

Chamber representatives contact businesses and meet with key personnel to express appreciation of the companies contributions to the community.

Recognition Event

The annual Industry Appreciation Day provides an opportunity to recognize and socialize with local industry leaders. The Coffee County Industrial Development Board hosts special events to recognize local industries.

Managers' Organization

Area plant managers meet monthly to discuss issues facing their industries and exchange information. A plant manager's picnic is held annually.

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