Fireworks Ordinance

//Fireworks Ordinance

Independence Day 2020

When Can I Shoot Fireworks in Tullahoma?


Independence Day is approaching and the fireworks tents are selling fireworks.  Families enjoy celebrating our countries freedoms by safely shooting fireworks in our neighborhoods.  The City of Tullahoma authorized the shooting of fireworks within the City limits, but with guidelines. Each year the Police Department responds to calls from citizens about the fireworks.

According to the City of Tullahoma Municipal Code, Title 7, Chapter 6, sections

612/613, there are specified periods for the shooting of fireworks. The code identifies July 1 through July 3 between the hours of 10 am and 10:30 pm.  On July 4, the hours are extended from 10 am until 11:30 pm.

The above may be modified by order of the Chief of the Fire Department during extreme dry periods.  Along with the authorized times for fireworks, there are guidelines on where fireworks may be ignited.  Be sure that if you are shooting fireworks onto or from someone else’s property you have their permission.  With fireworks come debris – clean up the residue since this would be a violation under the City’s littering ordinances.

The Police department will continue to respond to complaints of fireworks and balance the municipal code with the peace and comfort of citizens.   The current weather conditions will also require great care and supervision when using fireworks not only from the site of ignition but also the landing location.

To report complaints about fireworks call 455-3411.  As always, in an emergency dial 911.  Have a happy holiday but be mindful of the ordinances, fire hazards, and personal injuries.  Any questions about this or other police operations may be directed to

Chief Jason Williams at (931) 455-0530, or

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