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//Housing Authority

Housing Authority

3rd Thursday @ 5:00 p.m. Meets at THA Building #24 on Cedar Lane

Appointed by the Mayor - TCA 13-908

The Tullahoma Housing Authority (THA) was established in 1951 to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for low-income families in Tullahoma. The Authority owns and operate 270 Public Housing units, in five complexes within the city. THA also has 116 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers that are to serve all of Coffee County. In addition to the subsidized units THA also has 40 privately owned units that are rented below market rent for the area.

The THA offers educational, workforce and life skills training for their residents. They work closely with other area service agencies to coordinate additional services. Our apartment communities include Dossett Homes, Carver Homes, Autumn Manor, Cedar Lane Village, and Whispering Oaks complexes.

The Tullahoma Housing Authority consists of five members appointed by the Mayor, the Director of the THA, and one Mayor-appointed liaison. Maximum length of continuous service on the Tullahoma Housing Authority is two terms. A term lasts five years.

For Housing inquiries, email the Tullahoma Housing Authority at tn024@bellsouth.net, or call 931-455-9319.

Milan Hill Chairman
Robin Keel Member
Laurel Stone Member
Pam Bussell Member
Sheila Alexander Member
Robin Dunn Board of Mayor & Aldermen Representative
Jim Rock Director
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