Junk Truck Schedule

Junk Collection

The solid waste division also provides services for residential customers for pick up of small items that are not appropriate for normal collection with the automated equipment. A route is run monthly for this service and the week a resident is serviced is based on the day their household garbage is collected.

Junk Truck Schedule
If your household garbage is collected on You will receive this service during the
Tuesday first week of the month
Wednesday second week of the month
Thursday third week of the month
Friday fourth week of the month

There is no charge for this service to residential households.

Remember! This service is for small amounts of items and is not provided for residents that are cleaning out a large amount.

This service is for small items no larger than a chair. These are acceptable.

DSC_0888 DSC_0889

This service is NOT for house clean outs or large items. These are NOT acceptable and will not be picked up.


For more information phone 931-454-1768.



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