Junked and Abandoned Vehicles

//Junked and Abandoned Vehicles

Junked and Abandoned Vehicles

 The Police Department and the Codes Department are partnering to focus on the issue of junked and abandoned vehicles in the City.  The Tullahoma City Ordinance, Title 13, Chapter 2, sets out the criteria and definition for a junked/abandoned vehicle.   Citizens should understand that a junked vehicle is defined as:  Any motor vehicle the condition of which is significantly damaged, wrecked, dismantled totally or partially, inoperative, or a motor vehicle which is a damaged, wrecked, totally or partially dismantled or inoperative condition which has been abandoned, or discarded.

Through the ordinance, the City has declared that junked/abandoned vehicles are a nuisance and may be handled in accordance with the provisions of the chapter.  A junked/abandoned vehicle becomes prohibited when it has been upon private property for a period of time in excess of thirty (30) days, or forty eight (48) hours on public property.  It should be noted that businesses that deal in junked/abandoned vehicles have some other requirements.

Any vehicle that is parked on public property, to include the street, the sidewalk, or in the Right of Way may be removed immediately if it poses a safety issue.  In those instances that do not pose a need for immediate removal, the vehicle will be tagged and marked, and upon the expiration of forty eight (48) hours will be removed.

The Codes Department will work with those vehicles that become prohibited on private property and will seek to resolve the issues through discussions with the resident or property owner.  Those situations that can not be resolved will then be handled through an established procedure.  Those situations in which the City incurs expenses for the removal of junked/abandoned vehicles, a lien may be placed upon the property for the amount of such expenses.  Questions about this or to report junked vehicles may be directed to either the Police Department at (931) 455-0530, or Codes Enforcement at (931) 455-2282.


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