Mayor Knowis Urges Tullahoma Residents to Wear Masks

//Mayor Knowis Urges Tullahoma Residents to Wear Masks

November 25, 2020


Mayor Knowis urges Tullahoma Residents to Wear Masks

As we enter the holiday season, it marks a time of many family gatherings and social activities. This year, like no other in my lifetime, we are challenged by the virus, COVID-19. I don’t need to go into detail about the fact that the cases of COVID-19 are continuing to rise in our county and across the state.

Many of our neighbors and friends have experienced the effect of the virus and others of us have lost family members or friends. Until there is a vaccine for COVID-19, and I trust that will be soon, I am encouraging, as strongly as possible, all of our citizens follow all of the CDC guidelines for controlling the spread of the virus, and I am emphasizing the wearing of face coverings, or masks, when in any social setting where social distancing of 6 feet can’t be maintained. Data confirms that in counties where there is a mask mandate the Daily Case Rate per 100,000 residents is significantly lower than in counties without a mask mandate.

Governor Lee has given authority to county mayors to implement a mask mandate. While our county mayor, Gary Cordell, has not yet implemented a mask mandate for the county, he has issued the following statement: “ I am strongly encouraging everyone to use common sense and do the following: Please be diligent about handwashing, use social distancing, avoid large gatherings, and the proper use of masks”. I whole heartedly agree with Mayor Cordell’s statement and as the Mayor of Tullahoma, I am asking that we in Tullahoma set the example for the rest of our county in following all the CDC guidelines, especially in the wearing of face coverings, or masks, in all social settings until we all have an opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

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