Police Department On Line Services

///Police Department On Line Services

Police Department On Line Services

The City maintains a website that provides a variety of community information, links, and points of contact. The Police department offers three on line services for citizens without leaving the comfort of their home. In the header information of tullahomatn.gov there is a tab for 'online services'. The Police department offers a special patrol request form; a house watch form; and a burglar alarm form. Each of these forms can be filled in and then sent via email to the department.

The first form, the special patrol form, is a tool in which a citizen can report issues of concern to the department. The concern may be traffic violations in a residential area; suspicious people; or any other activity that might require special police attention. The form will ask for various information that will aid the department in addressing the issue. When submitted, the information will remain anonymous and provided to the Patrol division.

The second form, the house watch form, is used to let a citizen notify the police when they will be out of town and officers will make an effort to patrol the location with frequency. The form will ask various questions such as; what cars will be parked, will someone be checking on the house, who has a key for the house, and other relevant questions.

The burglar alarm permit form is a requirement for any home or business that has a burglar alarm installed. The form, once completed, will be reviewed by the department and an alarm sticker will be sent to the address for placement on the door or window.

In addition to the online forms, a citizen or visitor can contact the department through social media on the department's Facebook page. The department also maintains an email address for general department inquiries, tpd@tullahomatn.gov . Any citizen or visitor that needs immediate assistance should call 911 for an emergency, or 455-3411 for a non emergency issue. The use of the online forms, Facebook, and email should not be used for issues that require immediate attention. If you have questions about this or other police matters, I can be reached at (931) 455-0530, or pblackwell@tullahomatn.gov .

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