Stormwater Management

Stormwater Division

This division is responsible for the maintenance of all storm drainage systems within the city. Staff performs maintenance on damaged structures and sections of storm drainage pipes that need repair. Staff also works to improve the drainage in areas with flooding problems. The City was designated in 2003 to participate in the NPDES Phase 2 Stormwater program and is responsible for enforcing the state regulated program.

Read the City's Stormwater Management Plan.

Read the City's 2020 Stormwater Annual Report.

Read our stormwater ordinance.

View our process for land disturbance and stormwater activities.

The City of Tullahoma adopts as its stormwater design and best management practices (BMP) manual, the TDEC Sediment and Erosion Control Handbook, second edition or subsequent editions as approved by Resolution of the Governing Body.

Tullahoma has developed a Stormwater Hotline. Call 931-454-1768 about stormwater activities.


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