Tullahoma Utilities Authority is a municipal public utility owned by the customers it serves. Tullahoma Utilities Authority is a distributor of TVA power, with rates among the lowest in the country, serving nearly 10,200 electric customers.


Elk River Public Utility District is a non-profit organization that provides natural gas services to more than 15,000 customers in Coffee and Franklin counties.


Tullahoma Utilities Board purchases wholesale water from the Duck River Utility Commission to serve its 9,300 water customers.
Tullahoma Utilities Board's wastewater treatment facility accommodates nearly 7,200 sewer customers.

Fiber To The Premises

Tullahoma Utilities Board (TUB) offers Tullahoma residents a state-of-the-art fiber optic system that provides internet, video and telephone services to its customers.

Utility Providers

Public Works (Garbage and Sanitation Services) 454-1768
Tullahoma Utilities Authority (Electric and Water) 455-4515
Elk River Public Utility (Gas) 455-9311
AT&T Telephone 557-6500
Charter Communications (Cable) 455-2672

Internet Services

AT&T 214-3012
Computer Café 393-3444
Charter Communications 455-2672
Tullahoma Utilities Board (LightTUBe) 455-4515


Air: Tullahoma Airport Authority 581-5111
Rail: CSX Railroad 1-615-664-2707
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